Changes In The Big City

One day in the big city, I was looking out the window. People were voting for the next president. They all choose me. I was so happy. I go to live in the White House. Then, I heard something, it was bad people shooting guns. I wanted the people to stop shooting. I called the police and they came and got them. It was dark. All the pretty lights were on. People were driving everywhere.

The next morning, I didn’t see that many trees. I asked people to plant more trees. There was not that many schools either. So, I asked them to build more schools. I looked at the news and saw that there were poor people looking for food and money. So, I tried to make them wealthier and give them a home. I didn’t want anyone to be poor. After I looked at the news, I went driving. Then, I saw people in woods trying to kill animals. Then, I yelled, “Stop killing those animals!” They looked to see who said that to them. They continued to kill the animals. I yelled again, “Stop!” I got out of the car and took the guns away. I took out the bullets and threw the guns away the guns. Animals were lying on the ground. After that, I went home and changed into fancy clothes for the party. I was celebrating being the new president. I couldn’t wait! Then, it was time for the party. We had fun. I gave a speech about changing things like: I will help that hurt people and share my money with the poor people and lower the crime rate. I would make people clean rivers and lakes. I would help the homeless people and give them a home. I would lower gas prices. I would build more hospital and schools. Then, after the party is over, I would clean up and get ready for bed. The next day, I would see if my dream came true. Some of it did. I saw people building new hospitals and schools. Then, I saw people who only paid five dollars for gas. I saw people cleaning rivers and lakes. And I didn’t hear any guns. My wish had come true. It was fun being president!


Brianne--AGE  8

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