When I Was President

It was January. I was going to the gas station to get gas. It was $3,000.00. I had to lower the prices to $75.00 or $30.00. So, I did. The next morning the air was dirty. So, I had to break down a few factories. I wanted less littering. The next day, I hear a gunshot and I went outside to look. I saw that somebody died. I called 911. The police came. I said, “Go find who done this fast! Before he kills more people.” Put him in jail. I don’t want anymore killing animals or people or trees. I will put you in jail if you don’t stop killing things. The next day, there was a car crash. There was somebody stuck in the car. I tried to get them out of the car. I couldn’t so, I called 911 and the fire truck came. They go him out. I said, “You are safe now.” He said, “Okay.” I went back to the White House to exercise. Then, I read the newspaper. It said that there aren’t enough schools. So I told them to build more schools. And they did.


Aaron--AGE  8

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