Hello Mrs.President

You swear unto the Holy bible

to keep our country good

and sacrifice a many things for the USA.

I do.

Congratulations for now

You are President of the United States!

This still is a real shock to me,

now the president. Can you believe such a wondrous thing?

Why me of all people?

I am looking around at the decorations in the capital ,

oh my gosh,

this place is too grand.

All of the white scenery

And the brave men

a looking me.

I am now a famous woman

and what shall I do?

While since I do now have lots of rights,

I better have some fun,

Like getting some laws for equality

And fairness,


I do not want any prejudice

And kids are the same as adults.

Everyone must go to school

And they should learn their faults.

I am walking down the aisle

Everyone is staring at me

When I hear a big bellow
Hello Mrs. President!!!!!!


Emily--AGE  10

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