Being President

The shock still had me frozen solid as highly dressed White House workers
gazed at me strangely. "Sir, are you there?" said a woman dressed in a blue
business suit.

I continued to gape mindlessly at the window as the Secret Service bodyguards
began to peer over at the window wondering who was there. "Do you think he's
dead?" whispered a guard. The two large men exchanged nervous looks.
After finally sinking in the news that I had become president, I shook my
head and looked around. All huddled around me were medical doctors, nurses,
guards, and White House workers staring at me with blank expressions. Feeling
slightly embarrassed, I loudly cleared my throat as a signal for,
'Everything's fine."

It was February 25, 2035 and the Constitution has changed a bit. Now 13
year olds could be president when enough people elected him/her. Honestly, I
didn't even know I was running until tons of people crowed around me asking
me how it felt to become president. Obviously I was paralyzed to the bones by
this news and all throughout this experience I said to myself, "Who 'signed'
me up for president?"

I'm only 13! I can't believe I'm a 13-year old president with absolute no
clue of what to do and the whole U.S is in my hands and I don't even know
why! Every move could be crucial!

I took a deep, relaxing breath and exited my office. A panicky woman
walked back and forth through the large hallway. She was nervously staring at
the floor and biting her nails.

"Uh--- lady, what are you doing?" I asked cautiously.
She bolted straight up and exclaimed, "Stephen! C'mon! You have your
speech to make! Hurry!"

She got my hand and pulled me in a nice limosuine and we sped off. When
the car stopped, I looked around to see tons and tons of people gathering
around talking loudly and yelling, "Mr. President! Mr. President!"
Everything seemed to be happening so quickly and before I knew it, I was
standing on stage in front of thousands of people glaring at me---waiting for
my vital words--- what was I going to say?

"Uh well---" I started. "No school!"

The whole crowd stared at me in disbelief. Everyone was silent as the
crickets annoyingly screeched at me.
I began to sweat---I was in big trouble. No one liked my perfectly nice
plan! Just when everything was falling down the drain I suddenly remembered
my dad and mom complaining about taxes---

"And no taxes ever!" I exclaimed happily.

The crowd roared in happiness and some continued to stare. I could see my
bodyguards rolling their eyes in the corner of my eye.
"Well, the end!" I nervously said.

The crowd's happy faces wiped away into angry looks. A tall man in the
back shouted, "Impeachment!"

I was astonished as many others joined him. "Impeachment! Impeachment!"
they chanted.

Soon the whole crowd yelled, "Impeachment! Impeach Stephen!"
This wasn't good---I'm just a teen. Give me break. I clapped my hands over
my ears as I kneeled down sobbing. The whole world began to swirl in laughter
around me as I saw mocking!

I sat straight up on my bed, panting as if I had ran a mile. All of this
was silly dream! A silly, silly dream! I'm me again! I let out a sigh of
relief and rubbed my eyes.

I looked up and there stood a British butler staring down at me. "Good
morning Mr. President, you have a long day ahead of you---"


Stephan--AGE  13

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