President of U.S.

If I was just inaugurated President of the United States I would give opportunities to children to do when they are bored.
After kids being bored is taken care of, I will be making grown-ups be able to have nice, occasional break from work.
Then, I would make every family have to have a family game night every Thursday night and the kids donít get homework
and the grown-ups donít have to do work. Then, I would help the poor!
Of course, after that is done, I would make sure everybody knows things for tests the next day at school.
It would be perfect to make all the kids play outside on hot days, so I would make that something to think about.
Then, I would make sure people are happy and not so miserable.
I believe that this world would be peaceful if everyone is happy! I would do more things,
but I really want these to be taken care of!


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