My Experience As President

There I stood in disbelief. I heard the screams from the crowd a huge uproar of clapping like the ocean throwing a wave upon the beach. I suddenly felt a surge of power in me. It was like my whole life my potential lied in the deepest core of me and never could escape. But, today it did. During my campaign I made a lot of promises and I needed to keep them.


Two Weeks Later

I sat in my large green chair. The life of president that I thought would be so easy began to take me from a different perspective. I realized the many duties and responsibilities that the president had. I had promised to make a huge tax cut. The economy was at an all time low and I needed to bring it down. I worked tireless for weeks and weeks mending the economy. When I thought I had the economy under control a new problem arose. There staring me in the face was a tall man with blue eyes. The look on his face perfectly indicated something trouble. I looked into those blue eyes as he began to speak slowly as know he felt deep regret, “Mr. President, we have a situation. The CIA just informed me that Russia is sending a nuclear missile onto the United States in less then 5 hours I need to know what to do”. Several feeling poured into me as a vicarious experience came upon me. It felt as if I was in the shoes of John Kennedy when he had made the mistake with the Cuban missile crises. I didn’t know what to do, but I needed to act quickly. “Listen General; I want you to deploy the star war defense immediately”

“But, Mr. President that isn’t perfected yet.... I don’t think it’s a good idea”

I was angry and turned to the general and gave him a mean stare.

“General, people’s lives are at steak we can not destroy the target in time for the launch I want the star wars defense deployed and I want 16 counter missiles fired at Russia at suspected bases for these weapons. If the Star Wars defense fails then we will counter missile it.”

“Of course sir, but you do realize if the star war defense is activated then it could cause an earthquake here in Washington”

“General do it!”

He ran off while I was wondering if I had done the right thing. Five hours later I sat and felt the ground begin to shake as the general had warned. I heard a sound like a sonic boom that filled the air. It was only a matter of seconds until I would know the truth. Unfortunately the truth was not a pleasant thing. The defense held off only two of the missiles. Suddenly tons of people were staring at me “Mr. President your plan as failed”

I felt like a river was flowing through me and it had just overflowed. My heart pounded with fury as I began to feel scared. I sat there and waited for what would happen next. Hopefully I could solve the problem.


Kevin--AGE  13

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