A Shadow of the Groundhog

I am a groundhog, and I hate to be on TV because I donít like to be shown
off.  I guess it would be fine if the people could just come to my hole
instead, but I would really just like to sleep over Groundhog Day.  I would
want to see my brother do it instead of me, even though he is stupid... I
donít know why my shadow is so important!  My shadow is creepy to me.  I
think about sleeping a lot... that is why I want to sleep away Groundhog
Day.  People these days, they make a groundhog famous when they see his
shadow.  I donít understand!  I am a great groundhog and all, but why do
they think Iím so special!  I am a groundhog, I live in a dirty hole.  You
wouldnít want to know the life that I live.  Every groundhog day makes me
feel like people notice me.  I never really noticed that I am so famous
until they named a day after me.  I am like George Washington, but I am the
First Groundhog.
 Do you have a dark secret that you never told anyone?  Well mine is I have
a girlfriend!  I want to be normal like you, I donít like to be on TV
especially with cameras.  You probably canít understand what I am saying
because you donít know how it is to be famous, but I was famous the day I
was born.  My mom always says donít change because you want to be someone
else... but I want a nice life with no one trying to catch me or step on me
or kill me, and I actually think people will like me for ME not because I am
famous. I donít really know, maybe some people like me for me.  Oh and if I
werenít a groundhog I wouldnít get the famous dinner, tuna, turkey with
mashed potatoes, gravy, a pigís ear, some dirt.  My family says itís really
whatís on the inside, not your style or your coat, not your bedroom, itís
the inside.
 If you call 1-800-GROUNDHOG maybe youíll know what I am talking about. You
know maybe I could be the first groundhog president, it would be cool but I
donít know.  I remember when I was a baby my mom would say, oh dear little
baby donít cry a tear, mamaís here and thereís nothing to fear.  So, thatís
all about my life... OH and my favorite singers are Lou Bega and Britney
Spears, do you know of them?  Oh and on my birthday you could see my shadow,
just like it was groundhog day.  I never knew that shadowís come on
birthdays too.  My mom bought me a music box with a beaver that looked like
me on the front cover, and it said I love you forever and on November 10 my
shadow came back because it was my first day of school.  I think whenever
Iím happy my shadow shows.  It changes every time I look at it, maybe Iím
shaking or something it was really weird.  Maybe it was because I was scared
that someone would know that I was the famous groundhog cuz I was speckled.
My shadow is only there for a reason, because I donít know why but it
protects me or something.  Did I do something wrong maybe I hurt it, letís
see what can I do to help it?  Maybe kiss him - stay still buddy! Please
ouch! oh! ah! eh! I give up!!!!!!
 Maybe Iíve been watching too much TV, could be.  I want to go home, please
mom? No now give them a chance make some friends!  Please mom? Okay but only
this once only because itís new for you. So I went home and thought about my
birthday because it was only tomorrow and then I fell asleep and when I got
up and screamed itís my birthday Iím only six itís not my fault! So my mom
and dad gave me a surprise party and I didnít even know that they were up.
 If you are a human being you are lucky because you get to see me every
groundhog day and Iím just a plain old groundhog.  You get a fancy house
that you can live in not a dirty hole.  I wish that I could wear close and
jewelry.  I wish I could ride a horse or a pony.  I wish that I could do
cheerleading and soccer.  If you ever saw me with earrings on you would
think I was a model.
 I wonder if I could be a real disco dancer.  Wouldnít it be so cool if you
saw me disco dancing.  My mom and I do the boogie when we have nothing to do
do you?  Do you like groundhogs, you should see my shadow when I boogie.  My
mom thinks that I show off because everybody knows that I am the famous
groundhog because I am speckled.
 You know what I always wanted to do? Go to Paris to meet some french girls
to go to the prom with.  Iíve always wanted a girlfriend.  I am very
attractive cuz theyíll see my shadow.  I want to live in Paris because it so
big and a lot of shopping places to shop at.  I would like Florida too
because it has Disneyland.  My mama says donít worry, when you get older you
can do whatever you please and buy whatever clothes you want, so I donít
worry because I know sheís not lying.

Sydney--AGE 7

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