The Girl and the New and Old Toys

Once upon a time there was a girl her name was Jane.  She has good toys.  She
played and played, one day she got some new toys so she put her old toys in
the toy box.  She played and playedwith the new toys.  Then sho go other toys
and she played and played.  Then she got some more toys and she would play with
the toys she got today and play with them today.  She went to the store she
got more toys for two dollars and sicty cents.  She took the toys home and she
played with them and she played and played and she went to the store and she
wanted some toys, but her parents said no.  I want some toys now!  If you don't
let me get them I will scream, and Jane started to scream and scream until her
parents said yes and got her the collest toys.  But one day she didn't have
any toys to play with, then she remembered the old toys in the toy box.  So
she got the old toys out and she played and played and played.  Then her parents
came home and they knew leaving her alone would let her play with her old toys,
because they took the new toys away from her and never gave them back.  Therre
was another little girl who needed toys, because she didn't have any to play
with, so Jane gave her all of her new toys to play with and Jane kept all the
old ones.

Kody--AGE ??

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