Groundhog Day on Oprah
  "My guest today on Oprah
arose out of his hole
to join us as distinguished guest
and no he's not a mole!

He's sick of being hounded
so sit back, don't form a mob.
And clap your hands together
for our friend from Gobbler's Knob!

Tell us your sad story
of fame you loved until,
everybody knew your name
as Punxsutawney Phil."

"I was born in Mississipi
I believe my old town's still up
My mom looked at my groundhog nose
and knew I was a Philip.

When I grew up I moved away
said, "Dad I hate to drain ya.
So it's off to seek my fortune fair
in good old Pennsylvania."

I found a hole in Gobbler's Knob
my life was sweet as clover
till February 2nd
when my joy would soon be over.

Some sun shone in my hole that day
It was morning said the clock
So I took out my swell beach towel
and applied groundhog sunblock.

It felt so good to feel the sun
I was having a real blast
when suddenly the sun went down
and my groundhog shadow cast.

People started yelling
I tried running up a hill
But they followed me that screaming mob
chanting furiously "PHIL!"

This madness I just can't outrun
down valleys and a hill up.
They'll never understand that
my name's not Phil but Philip!!


Michael--AGE 9

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