My Eternal Angel
In Memory of Nick Teaker

By Kaye, age 11

Have you ever had a best friend?  I sure did.  His name was Nick.  I met him kindergarten, the first day of school.  I did not expect to make many friends.  After all, I was too quiet.  He wasn’t very shy though.  He asked me if I would be his friend.  Of Course, me being quiet I just nodded.  After that we became close.  Closer than anyone I knew.  Even out of my family, he seemed more like a brother.  He was always there for me, and I was there for him.  I wanted our friendship to last forever.  One day, something happened.  Something that I had dreaded.  It seemed like a nightmare.  I kept asking my self: “Is this real?”  I was confused, sad, and yet I was angry.  Angry that something like this happened to my friend.  I knew that someday something would happen.  Yet his this something came so soon, and I know I wasn’t ready..  I know if he had another chance in life, he would not have lived it differently.  I know that if he did have another chance in life, I would have made it better for him.  Now before you even think about what happened to him.  I will tell you the story.
It all started the first day of 7th grade.  We all were not very happy about school being back in session.  I knew that I was happy to see my friends, but unhappy to see the books.  Nick said that he really didn’t care, as long as we were still friends.  Nick was such a sweet person.  That is why he was my best friend.
Months went by.  Weeks went by.  We became used to being in school.  One Sunday morning, Nick called me.
“Hey!” he began “I won’t be in school tomorrow.  I am sick.” he explained
“Oh, Nick.  You know I can’t go a school day without you.  Who will I use for a pillow in Mrs. Greenbill’s class?” I asked
“Oh, it’s only one day.  I am sure you will live.  I got to go though.  Oh can you get my homework?  I will come over and get it tomorrow.  Bye!” he said as I told him yes
Monday went by slow, and then it was Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and school were out for the weekend.  He called me Saturday.
“Looks like it was a week.  Sorry, my parents are taking me to the doctor today.  I will call you.” he said
“Oh Okay.  Hey guess what we are moving!” I said
“Oh no!  Where to?” he  said
“Not to worry.  I am moving to the country.  Right behind you!  Isn’t that great?” I explained to him
“Yeah it is.  Now you can come over to my house everyday,” he said
“Well, I got to go.  Hope to hear from soon.  Bye!” he continued
“Bye, you will,”  I replied and we both hung of the phone
I went to school the next day, and once again he wasn’t there.  I walked into the house and my mom said that Nick had called.  So I called him back.
“Nick?  Hey my said you called.” I said as soon as he said hello
“Yeah, I did.  Can you come over?” he asked
“Sure, I’ll be there in about 5 minutes.  Okay?”  I replied
“That is fine, bye,” he said and hung of the phone before I could get a chance to say good-bye myself
I rode my bike over to his house.  I knocked on the door, and I heard his mother’s voice.
“Come on in Hun.”
I opened up the door.  I was used to seeing his mother happy.  She was lying on the couch along with her husband, crying.  I wasn’t going to be pry into their business.  I just asked where Nick was.  They said:
“In his room, honey.”
I walked in his room to see him on his bed, crying as well.
“Nick..” I began but he interrupted
“Jess, sit down.  I am going to have to tell you something.  I want you to understand, I can’t help this.” he said
“Oh, Okay said as I sat down on his bed
“Jess, um, I am dying of cancer.” he said I looked at him with shock
“You mean, your gonna die?  That is ridiculous, I can fight that.”  I said as I fell on the floor  “Why, why you Nick?  What did you do?  You don’t deserve to die.  Why are they taking you Nick?”  I continued crying so hard I could barely breath
“Jess, please don’t be sad.  I have six months to live.” he replied
“Six months?!?  Oh my gosh, Nick!  I can’t take this” I shouted
“Jess, it will be okay.  I will make sure you see me everyday.  The only problem is I can’t go to school.  My parents said they want to spend the rest of my time left with me,” he said as he began to cry
“Nick, I am not going to school either.  I am going to stay here with you.  We only have 2 months of school left.  I will pass, I will just home school.  Yeah, that is what I will do.” I said giving my self little hope
Two months passed, and school was out.  Every day I stood beside him, and watched his life fade away.  Soon it was the six months, everyone was dreading the day.  One day, when I was just getting up, I got a phone call from Nick’s mother.  She told me to get over there. I ran over there without even changing anything.  I didn’t even knock, I ran into the house and straight to his room.  When I entered and seen people around his bed, I walked over to him.  He looked over to me and said:
“Hi, Jess.”  And when he said that he looked up to the ceiling and stretched his arms up.  ”The angels are calling me, Jess, it is my turn to leave.”  he said
He hadn’t walked in months, but he got up, and showed me into a room.
“Jess, sit down.  It is my time to go, I am on my way.  I want you try not to be scared.  I will always be with you.  Just think of me as your eternal angel.  I will be with you, where ever you go.  I just want to let you know, that you were my best friend.  I am going now , Jess,” he said as I began to cry
“Jess, don’t cry.  Please, I don’t want to leave, but the angels are calling me.  They are getting closer now, Jess, not very much longer now.  I want you to tell my parents that I love them very much.  I want you to tell my family, even though I didn’t get to see you much, I still love them.  Good-bye, Jesse, I will miss you.”  With that his eyes closed and he was gone.
I tried not to cry, I knew I should be brave.  I had to, though.  After all, my best friend was gone.  I was never going to see him again.  I was never going to be happy again.
His funeral was four days later.  I was so sad, I could barely speak a few words.  I did though.
“Nick was my best friend.  I met him when I was just little girl.  We did everything together.  We were like brother and sister.  He knew everything about me, and viceversa.  When I found out he had six months to live, I didn’t know what say.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was at first, shocked.  Then upset, then angry.  Then the day comes, where I have to say good-bye to him.  He told me that I would be his eternal angel, and that he would be with me everywhere I was.  Well, I know that right now, he is standing right next to me.  I can’t see him, I can feel him, and I can’t talk to him, but I know.  Thank you.” I said
We went out to the grave yard.  I bent down to read the gravestone, I began to cry.  It said
“Jessica’s Eternal Angel”

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