by Natalie Legra, age 14

That little elf in the sand colored shoes,
Soundly he slept by the glow of the moon,
While the green crickets chirped,
And the Great Horned owls whooed,
Away slept the owl in the sand colored shoes.
That little elf in the sand colored shoes,
Quietly woke when there was no moon,
And even though clouds looked not friendly that day,
He picked up his things and went on his way.
The gray angry clouds fought a great fight,
The rains, they poured, all through the night,
Though the elf's little shoes were all soggy and wet,
He calmly whistled and looked up ahead.
That little elf in the Sand colored shoes,
Ran to a hill with fields of mushrooms,
Toa mushroom he held as the wind yea it blew,
And in the night under it he snoozed.
So a little example you learn from all this,
That nature is helpful as intelligence is.

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