The Dog Lover

By  Olivia Wiebe, age 8

Kate loved dogs. Small dogs, big dogs and all different kinds. The only problem was that Kate didn't have a dog!
“I need a dog,” Kate whined to her mother.
“No,” said her mom. “They shed hair.”
Kate went to her father. “I need a dog,” she told him.
“No,” he said. “Dogs shed hair and also dirty the carpet.”
Kate went to her sister. “I need a dog,” Kate said to her sister. “No,” said her sister. “They shed hair, dirty the carpet and they would chew up all my ballet slippers.”
Kate was disappointed. No one wanted a dog except her. One day Kate heard a barking noise coming from outside. Kate opened the door and there was a little dog. Kate took the dog inside.
“Where did you get that?” said her mother.
“I found him outside,” Kate said. Kate saw her father. He was reading the newspaper on the sofa.
“Where did you get that?” he said.
“I found him outside,” she said. She saw her sister.
“Were did you get that?” her sister asked. “I found him outside,” Kate said.
At bedtime the little dog slept on the end of her bed. In the nighttime he woke up. He saw a man. He was stealing things. The dog barked. His bark woke up the family. The thief ran away. Everyone petted and patted the dog. He had saved them from a robbery at their house.
He was a hero.

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