Who is "Dear Ashley"?

Could it be YOU?

Kidworld's last "Dear Ashley" has retired and we are looking for someone to take her place. So....if you think you'd like the job, please send your reply to this recent letter to Dear Ashley. If we pick your reply as the best, you might be our next Dear Ashley.

Ok, here is the letter that you need to answer:
"Dear Ashley, I don't know why, but all of the sudden my best friend stopped speaking to me. I have asked her to tell me what is wrong, but but all she says is "nothing" and then walks away. Sometimes, she just walks away without saying anything at all! Please help!!

---desperate in detroit"
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Here are some past letters to Dear Ashley......

What do you want to be when you grow up?:
Hi Ashley,
 My name is Lauren H. I am 8 years old and I want to be a teacher just like my 3rd grade teacher. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Please write back,

(Caitlin's Reply: Hello Lauren! Thanks for writing! To answer your question, I'm not definitely sure what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe a writer or a counselor. I want to be a mother, for sure. I used to want to be a teacher too!)

"Hi" from Kym:
Hi I am Kym. I am ten years old. I am in fith grade.

(Caitlin's Reply: Hello Kym! I hope you like 5th grade!)

I had a birthday!!
Hi Ashley,
I don't have anything to say except to say that I'm 9 years old and I turned
9 on the 24 October and I'm very glad too! So please write back soon.

(Caitlin's Reply: Hello! Happy late birthday!!!!!!!!! (9 !'s for 9 years!)
I am sorry for not writing this sooner, my computer had some Internet problems. :( My birthday is 12 April and my dad's birthday is just 2 days after yours! My cousin's wedding anniversary is the same day as your
birthday, 24 October! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!)

What are some of your favorite websites?:
Dear Caitlin,
     Hi! My name is Katherine, could you send me some of your fav. websites? I  would really like that. I am getting bored whenever I get online. I love to surf, Internet surf that is, do you like to? Please write me back.
 PS. Where do you live?

(Caitlin's Reply:Hello Katherine! I'm happy you wrote! Sure I can send some of my favorite webpages, but first I'll answer your other questions. Yep I do like to surf the web! I'm from Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
USA but I am hopefully going to be an AFS exchange student to the Netherlands (or somewhere in Europe) from August 2000 until July 2001. I'm very excited about that. Anyway, my favorite webpages: www.gurl.com is
pretty good and I love www.diaryproject.com although I'm not sure how old you are so you might not  like it. www.yahoo.com has chats and searches and plenty of stuff like that. www.kidpub.org is a good place to post your writing. I have a few of my own pages, too. The best one is http://www.gurlpages.com/sports/juliefoudy/Annefrank.html
which also has links to my other Anne pages, such as the photos, books, and biography. Another good Anne Frank page is www.annefrank.nl which is in Dutch, German and English. The Dutch version is much better, but as most can't read Dutch, you should try the English version. And I have the SkippyUta page with myfriend at www.expage.com/page/skippyuta Um, those are most of the pages I go to-hope some are good for you!)

Why does my dog bite me?:
To Caitlin,
 Why does my dog bite me?
 From LeeLynn

(Caitlin's Reply: Hi LeeLynn! I love your name. I am not sure why your dog bites you, as you probably could guess, since I don't even know your doggie :) It could be just when your dog is playing or wants attention. If it breaks the skin when your dog bites, you should tell an adult and get help because doggies shouldn't do that.)

HELP!  We're Moving!!:
 Dear Ashley,
     I would like some advice. I need to kow if I should be sad about moving
to Dallas or happy. I have lived 9 years in OKC. But in a few months I will
be going back to Texas. SOS. HELP!

(Caitlin's Reply: Hi! I've moved too. It's hard to move, but after a while you become adjusted. I think I was both happy and sad. You lived in Dallas before? See, I moved from Quincy to Hingham when I was 2 years. Then I moved from Hingham to Chatham without my dad when I was 7. Then I moved back to Hingham when I was almost 8, to where my dad was, but I moved with my whole family. Then we moved to Chatham when I was just turned 10. It's very hard to explain! Anyway, I think moving is very hard. I was happy and sad, like most people. There are many good books for kids who are moving. What is hard is leaving your friends, school, neighbourhood, and home, but it's nice to have a fresh start.)

Fan mail:
 I am a real fan of  your t.v. show ALL THAT.
 Who is your role model?
P.S. Please write me back

(Caitlin's Reply: Hello! Okay, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I am not actually Ashley on All That. Don't worry,you're not alone in thinking that though! Many people write to me and think I am on TV. I'm just a 14 year old girl in Chatham, MA, USA probably moving to Holland (or somewhere in Europe) as an exchange student for 1 year. But anyway, I will answer the question. My role model-hmm. I have quite a few. My psychotherapist, Carol and my former guidance counselor Cindy, in addition to Anne Frank, Miep Gies, and many others. Who are yours?)

Help!! I don't fit in!:

Dear Ashley,
     Hi! Nice advice. How old are you any way? Well that's
 what I came on to say. I have a big problem... Maybe not
 big for anybody else but MAJOR for me. I'm 13 and I can't
 fit in anywhere. Either people are snob to me because my
 dad's isn't some filthy rich business snob, or they just don't like
 me. I'm sure you'll say the same thing: "To have friends
 one must show one's self friendly" but that's not the case
 with me. I try to be really friendly even though I'm kinda
 shy but I'm usually the one sitting all alone in my youth
 group, or the one who ends up without a partner in some
 game or another. Even my "best friend" puts me down in
 everything I do, wear, and say. I had a friend who had a
 website and put a long list of all her friends on it and
 surprisingly I wasn't included. She told me she would add
 my name, she supposedly "forgot" but it's been months and
 she hasn't. I'm like some outsider.
 Do you have any advice? I don't want to do bad things just
 to be popular, but I don't seem to fit in ANYWHERE. Help!
               - Lonely Laura

(Caitlin's Reply: Hi Laura! I totally understand where you are coming from. I'm about your age, 14.5 years. I'm having a very similar problem myself. I have 3 good friends and I used to have 4, but one suddenly turned
into this completely different person I can't stand. She hates me and it is so awful for me. So I know how you feel. I don't want to be popular if it means doing "bad" stuff, I'm staying true to me. have you read Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 1 and 2? They are helpful. Also, this online diary website is very helpful. I think it is hard at our age, because everything is so mixed up. Why don't you look for some other friends? In another "group" maybe? Have you confronted your friends? I haven't and I should. I know it's very hard but maybe what we need to do. writing it down is another way or telephoning. I am leaving in August for Holland (or somewhere in Europe) hopefully as an AFS exchange student, which has made one of my friends rather
icy too. I just want to tell you that you are surely not alone!)

Note from Gayle:
Hey Caitlin...
          It's good to see you're back in action! I love your column and I thought it was non-functioning when you didn't answer any of the letters for a long time.  Well, I love reading, writing, surfing the Net and all that stuff...what are your hobbies? I'm 11, by the way.  Hope to hear from you soon!


(Caitlin's Reply: Hey Gayle! I'm so glad to here from you! I got your letter and I am just so sorry I didn't reply to it! I'm glad I'm back in action too. I was down again for 3 weeks, but this time my web was down (stupid computer!) until Dad fixed it today. :( My hobbies are writing, reading, sailing, swimming, babysitting, traveling, the web , and lots more. Anyway, how are you? I need to go, but write back!)

Joke from Debbie:
Dear Ashley,
A monster landed on earth and the first thing he saw was  a farmer milking a
cow. The monster yelled, "No wonder you're not getting any music, your
bagpipes are filled with milk!"
Debbie, Tulsa Oklahoma

(Caitlin's Reply: Hi Debbie! I've never heard that joke before, it's a
pretty good one!

From Yasmine:
Dear Ashley,

     It's a girl at my school who says she's my friend-but only when I've got something she acts nice to me.  When I don't have any thing she has nothing to say.  What should I do?

                                                                                            Your Pal,

(Caitlin's Reply:  Hello Yasmine and glad to hear from you! Well, I'm afraid this girl isn't appearing to be much of a friend. What you should do is write a letter, telephone, or talk to her in person about this. It's not fair to you, since a real friend is nice to you when you do or don't have something he/she likes. This "friend" of yours should know that.)

Another Joke:
 Why did the turkey cross the road? It was the chicken's day off.

(Caitlin's Reply: LOL! (Laugh Out Loud!) I've never heard that one, but its pretty good! Sounds kind of like a joke for Thanksgiving time!)

Swim Team:
Dear Ashley,

 Hi my name is Samantha L. How are you? I am sorry, I am not going to write alot but I will e-mail you on Saturday. I have to go to swim team.

(Caitlin's Reply: Hi Sammy! I'm good, how are you? I'm sorry this letter is very late, like the other recent ones. My Internet was down for 3 weeks! It was driving me crazy! How is your swim team? I wish our school had a swim team, I'd definitely join!)

A New Friend:
Dear Ashley,
 I'm a real person to. : ) I am 11 years old and I want you to be my friend
because, I only have three (friends) on the computer.I am a girl with red
hair and lots of freckles on my face.Brown eyes and white skin. I have a
cat, dog, and a rabbit.

(Caitlin's Reply: Hello! I am very glad to hear you're a real person too!
:) Are you new to the computer? There are many places on the web where you
can get pen pals. I am a girl, too, with red hair (it's dyed red, it used to
be brown), and I also have lots of freckles! I have white skin and blue
eyes. I have 5 cats and 1 dog and 2 sisters. One is 18, one is 9. Anyway,
write when you'd like to!)

Note from Ashley:
Dear Ashley,
That is so cool that your name is also Ashley, because my name is Ashley too. I'm 10 years old. Well, write me back ok? Ashley

(Caitlin's Reply: Hey there Ashley! Thanks for writing. Well my name is actually not Ashley, it's Caitlin. Ashley's the name of a book character. Don't worry though, many kids get mixed up and I don't mind! You can call me either name. My sister is about your age, by the way. How are things with you? Hope all is good!)


All about web pages:
Caitlin,  I want to make  a free web page and I don't have parental blockings, so how do  I make one?  How were you able to be Ashley in Dear Ashley? I like what your doing and I was wondering if their was another place where i can help people out. W/B ASAP

(Caitlin's Reply: Hello! To answer your 2st question, there are lots of places to make free pages. http://www.gurlpages.com is great, http://www.expage.com is good too, so is http://www.geocities.com . If you go to http://www.ivillage.com then create a member name (etc) and then click n member pages, you can make a page too. Hope that helped! As for how I became, Ashley, here goes. I wrote the person who keeps Kidworld up and running and asked if there was something I could do. That was a while ago.  There wasn't anything open, so I just kept submitting stories. However, the last Ashley left and then Kidworld asked if I still was interested. If you want to give advice, try www.diaryproject.com or www.teenagechickensoup.com.  If you want to see if there is anything you could do at Kidworld, write kidworld@kidworld.ws   Goodluck!)

Where is YOUR letter?


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