Professor Ruth

by Chuah Yuhui(from Singapore), age 9

One sunny and windy morning, Professor Ruth was at home chatting with her friends - Dr. Sonberg, Sergeant James and Sergeant Ning - as it was their holiday, when they heard a scream. Then they heard a gunshot. It was coming from the house opposite the Professor’s home. Sergeant Ning and Sergeant James immediately stood up and rushed to the window followed by Professor Ruth and Dr. Sonberg. Sergeant Ning saw a man dressed in black running out from the house opposite. She ran out of the front door and gave chase.  Sergeant James also gave chase. He was in the lead. Professor Ruth and Dr. Sonberg ran out to the street. Professor Ruth grabbed her bicycle.  She cycled after Sergeant Ning. Just as Sergeant Ning spotted the man turn around a corner, she heard a car starting. She rushed round the corner and saw the man in black driving away. She memorised the car number and the colour of the car and jotted them down in her notebook.  Meanwhile, Professor Ruth knew a short cut to the road. She took the short cut thinking that she would confront the man in black. Just as she turned in to the road she saw the man getting into the car. She picked up a sharp stone and aimed it at the car’s tire. It missed the tire and landed on the cement floor. Immediately after the stone fell, the man drove away. Professor Ruth gave chase and turned round just to see Sergeant Ning run round the corner. She continued the chase but soon lost sight of him. She sighed and returned to her house. She met Sergeant Ning in the house. Sergeant Ning sighed when she heard when happened. Then she asked where Dr. Sonberg was. They jumped up suddenly when the front door slammed. Dr. Sonberg stood there panting. He slumped down onto an armchair and told them what happened. “I ran after (pant) Ruth, but lost sight of her. Seeing that I could not (pant) catch up, I ran to the police station instead. On my way there, I saw a man wearing the similar clothes to the on Ning saw running out of the house. He had (pant) taken off his hat and the mask. So, I saw what his face was like.  He had dark skin, small eyes, he was tall and lanky, he had long (pant) hair, a mole on his chin and…. and a scar on his right cheek.”  “ Really! I never saw someone with such a funny face before!” exclaimed Professor Ruth. “I saw a picture of someone that matches your description. In the police book.” Sergeant Ning replied. “And, has anyone seen Sergeant James? I haven’t seen him.” “What!” Dr. Sonberg said worriedly. “I’m sure that someone has seen him after he chased the man in black!” Everyone did not have a word to say until they heard the back door open. Someone had gone in by the back and now was washing his hands in the kitchen. Professor Ruth was startled. Then she smiled and opened the kitchen door. What Sergeant Ning and Dr. Sonberg saw was a great surprise. It was Sergeant James who had gone in by the back door to the kitchen to wash his hands. “James! We thought you were missing and that an impostor was going through the back door. Except Ruth of course.” Dr. Sonberg said smiling at Ruth who was behind the door.  “Hey!” Sergeant James replied. “ We’d better get goin’ to the house opposite and check if they are all right! Why didn’t you all go there just now?” “Oh, yeah. We forgot.” Sergeant Ning replied. “Then, what are you waiting for?” asked Sergeant James. The party of four went over to the house. They rang the doorbell and waited. A young lady opened the door. Her eyes were all puffy and swollen. Sergeant Ning told her of their reason to come then persuaded her that they would solve the case if there was one. They went into the room which the victim was murdered.  The room was in a mess. Clothes were strewn everywhere and books were torn. Even the drawers were taken out of the chest itself. Papers were flying about blood was almost everywhere. Sergeant James bent down in front of the body and looked at it. A gunshot went through the victim’s chest. The murderer broke the poor victim’s backbone and cut off her ear. She was wearing a purple linen dress with lace on the edges of the dress. Meanwhile, Professor Ruth and Dr. Sonberg searched for clues in the upper floor while Sergeant Ning and the young lady, introducing herself as Ms. Brittany White and the victim as Mrs. Betty White, looked for clues on the main floor. In the end, they put together what they found. Professor Ruth found a lock picker stained with blood, a piece of paper with Andrews and a piece of torn purple linen cloth with a plier glued to it. Dr. Sonberg found a green marker stained with blood, a piece of green glass probably broken from a wine glass bottle and a used bullet. Next, Sergeant Ning found a gun, a garden glove and a bottle of red liquid. Brittany found only one thing that did not belong in the house. It was a time bomb! But luckily, it was not set. Brittany said that the green marker stained with blood and the bottle of red liquid belonged to the house. The green marker had probably fallen onto the pool of blood so it was stained with blood. The bottle of red liquid was syrup, in the bottle. Then, the Sergeant James took the things that they found into transparent plastic bags then sent them to the police station to look for fingerprints on those things. Professor Ruth and Sergeant Ning looked for fingerprints in the house while Dr. Sonberg and Sergeant James looked for footprints outside the house and any chance of how the murderer got in. Suddenly, they heard a scream and Sergeant Ning shouting, “Don’t move!” Sergeant James quickly ran into the house asking Dr. Sonberg to continue his search. But, just as Sergeant James ran into the house, Dr. Sonberg heard someone behind him say, “Don’t move or you’ll be dead! Hahaha!” Then, Dr. Sonberg was taken away. Meanwhile, Sergeant James was luckier then Dr. Sonberg of course, he had climbed through the window from the room next to the one Professor Ruth and Sergeant Ning were and climbed through the window. He signalled a sign to Professor Ruth and Sergeant Ning to keep quiet then he climbed in through the window. Luckily the backs of the impostors were facing the window. They were holding Professor Ruth, Pointing a gun to her head.  Sergeant Ning had taken out her gun and now was aiming to shoot at them if they dared to shoot Professor Ruth. Sergeant James took out his gun and handcuffs. Then he shot the ceiling, causing the house to rattle and shake. The two men turned around. They saw Sergeant James and the man taking Professor Ruth as their hostage tightened his grip on her.  Sergeant Ning saw her chance. She kicked the foot of the man holding Professor Ruth and put her gun on the other man’s head. Sergeant James kicked the gun out of the man on the floor’s reach. Then he handcuffed the two men and brought them to the police station. When he just stepped out of the house, a large voice behind him boomed, “Free those men and hand them over or your friend here dies. Sergeant James spun round to see a large and burly man with a mask and short curly hair pointing a gun to Dr. Sonberg. “How can I trust you?” replied Sergeant James. “Just hand over the men or this guy will be dead! Hahaha!” Said the burly man.  “Fine! But you must pass my friend over to me.” Said Sergeant James. “No way! I exchange this guy’s life for those two men. Not both his life and he himself!” exclaimed the big man.
“I say, for such a big man you’re not as fierce as you look!” Replied Sergeant James. “Hey, mate. I don’t have time for a talk like yours.  Just hand over the men, okay?” Snorted back the big man. Just as Sergeant James was about to hand over the men, Sergeant Ning appeared at the door. The big man took one look at the angry Sergeant Ning and ran away with Dr. Sonberg. “Did you see Tom White? He’s large, big and burly with short curly hair and has many freckles and a mole on his face.” Sergeant Ning showed Sergeant James a picture of Tom. He looked exactly like the large, burly man Sergeant James had seen. Suddenly, there was the large booming voice again. But this time, the man was laughing as he spoke. “Hahaha, you thought I was a bad guy. Hahaha, I am Brittany’s brother! Hahaha!” Sergeant James glared at the big man as he walked up from the back yard. He pushed Dr. Sonberg over as he laughed at Sergeant James. “Hey! You really is wicked.” laughed Sergeant James. Hahaha!  Hahaha! laughed Tom until his tears came out.

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