August, 1999
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Professor Ruth, a story by Chuah Yuhui(from Singapore), age 9

Two Poems by Nina Smith, age 12

Grandma, a poem by Lynette Sullivan, age 10

The Alphabet for the Animals, a poem by Alex, age 12

My Knowledge Made Me Shy, a poem by Lucy Lababo, age 12 (Philippines)

Friendship, a poem by Natalie Hart, age 11

That Little Elf, a poem by Natalie Legra, age 14

My Tryst With Friendship, a story by Dhruv Malhotra, age 13 years

Adventure in Rayngo, a story by Ingrid J, age 10

The Tiger Eye Mystery, a story by Elizabeth Blackall, age 11

Masada, a story by Ginny, age 14 Winner--ages 12 and older

My Maria, a poem by Deanna Laderoot, age 13

The Dog Lover, a story by  Olivia Wiebe, age 8

Dreams, a poem by Amber Grimes, age 12

Towards the Sea, a story by Gina B., age 14

My Eternal Angel, a story by Kaye, age 11

Tears Are Rain, a poem by Lance Shannon, age 8

On Top Of The World, a story by Ellen Freely, age 11

Wolves in the Forest, a story by Gayle Goh, age 11

The Tesseract, a story by Gayle Goh, age 11 Winner--ages 12 and younger

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