The Million Dollar Surprise

"Mommy, can I get this?" asked Michelle Lawrence.

"Sorry, honey. We cannot afford it right now. But maybe for your
birthday,"said Mrs. Lawrence, Michelle's mother.

"Okay," replied Michelle. Michelle's family was very poor. Sometimes
they didn't even have the money to get some food! They lived in a trashed
down boarding house. Once they couldn't even pay the rent to the boarding
house so they got kicked out and they lived on the streets for some time.
Michelle couldn't even go to school dressed properly! But Michelle didn't
let it get in the way of her education. Even though she got teased a lot,
especially by the popular people. What brats and show-offs they were to
Michelle. Sometimes Michelle would come home in tears! Michelle sometimes
wished she had won a million dollars so that she and her family could live in
a proper house.

Her mom always said, "Wish hard enough and your dreams will come true."
Michelle loved it when her mom said that. Her dad worked at a toothpaste factory
that was not big pay. Sometimes less if he didn't get much done. So they usually
got twelve thousand dollars a year. Michelle's mother occasionally played Bingo.
Though the most she had won in a year was 100 dollars.

One day Michelle had convinced her parents to play the lotto. So she got
her dad to enter the jackpot. Once he entered it was like ages till it was
the day. When it was the day, the "emergency phone" rang. It was the
lottery saying they won the lottery! Michelle was so excited. She knew it
was because she had dreamed so hard. Michelle did everything to get her
family back on the ground.

Shane--AGE 9

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