If I Had A Million Dollars......

To figure out just what I'd do,
it doesn't take road scholars.
The answer is quite simple,
"If I had a million dollars...."

First, I'd hire myself a chauffer
named, Jim, or Bob...I'm bad with names.
When your rich it doesn't matter.
so I'll call him simply James!

We'll drive to Baskins Robbins
where the prices we'll ignore
We'll order cones with endless scoops
all flavors--thirty four

And when I'm feeling bloated
all my fun, I'll never squelch.
I'll buy a million Tums to end
my million dollar belch.

So when you see me on the town
in my million dollar tux,
I'll be the dizzy, bloated, smelly guy
whose got a million bucks!

Corey--AGE 13

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