If I Had A Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars I would spend that money
on research to bring my pet fish Sparkaley back to
life. My pet fish Sparkaley was the best fish. He was
born on June 12, 1998. I liked him because he swam
around in his big tank with another fish. He used to
do funny tricks and cheer me up when I was sad. He
was the first fish I ever had and I felt like he was a
brother of mine.

I got my pet by thinking about how much work it
might be. Then I thought of getting a fish, and I
asked my mom and dad, and they said yes. He lived for
one year. I loved him a lot. He did a lot of special
tricks like doing flips. He was a gourami and he was
very big. He had silver scales and that is why I named
him Sparkaley.

He died in June 1999. The night he was dying, I
was crying and I couldn't sleep because I couldn't get
my mind off of him. In the morning, when he was dead,
my dad buried him in a deep, deep hole, and I made a
speech about him. Then the funeral was over.

I wouldn’t trade Sparkaley for a million dollars.
Eventhough he died, I am glad that God gave me such a
wonderful pet that I could be proud of.

Daniel--AGE 9

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