The Shooting Star

A little girl wanted to be rich so she saw a shooting star and she wished
to have $1,000,000. She wanted to help her family so the next day she went
to her piggy bank. Something went wrong. She didn't have $1,000,000 so she
had to look everywhere. But she didn't have it, so she waited for night.
She saw another shooting star so she wished again and then she went to
sleep. She woke up. It was the best day of her life so she told her mom and
dad she had $1,000,000. They didn't believe her so she had to show them.
When she showed them they were screaming for joy. Her mom said hooray you
and I are going shopping for food. So they did. They went shopping for
clothes and shoes and then they never had to be poor again.

The End

Amanda--AGE 6

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