If I Had A Million Dollars


I could use a million dollars for a lot of things. The first thing I would do is… improve my room. For entertainment, I would get two huge six-feet speakers and put them on each side of my big screen television. For the television, I would install a satellite dish with all of those wonderful, useless channels. Once I get bored of playing my Nintendo 64, with all of the games ever made for it, I would sit down and read a comic book from my huge library of every Batman comic book ever made. And how would I get all those comic books ,you ask? Why I would have the fastest, speediest computer out there with a cable modem, so I could bid on all of those comics on auction websites. I don’t like swimming, so instead of swimming in a pool with water (being the crazy person I am),I would have a pool full of chocolate, flowers, or the rest of the leftover money I have from my million dollars.

Ryan--AGE 12

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