If I Had A Million Dollars


If I had a million dollars, Id tell you what Id do.

That throughout my life Id never ever be blue.

Id go out and get myself a stretch limousine

For my face would be on the front of every magazine.

Id have everything I want, and now I have found.

That people all around school are nice when Im around.

Im invited to all the parties, and elected for all the positions.

And to the math teacher, it doesnt matter if I flunk addition.

Lately Ive been getting straight As.

At parties, when everyone leaves, I get to stay.

My kids would be happy,

And would have everything they need.

And on the poor food that others have theyd never have to feed.

But to the poor people,

wed always stop to care.

And wed be able to do this often,

For we could travel everywhere.

Bahamas, China, India, Bermuda and more,

And believe me, this wont be it

For Ive only named four.


Wed meet all the famous actors,

Hollywood, heres a surprise!

But through all of this, theres one disturbing factor.

The thought that my money right run out some day,

That would scare anyone in ever manner and way.

If my money ran out, good-bye to all this fame.

Nobody would ever care when they heard the sound of my name.

So it seems that having money doesnt mean everything, I see.

For people should think Im cool not for my money but for me.

Matt--AGE 12

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