"If I had a million dollars"


If I had a million dollars,

It wouldn’t be so cool.

Everyone would hang around,

Each acting like a fool.


Some things might be good,

I guess,

That is if things,

Work out for the best.


I could hire a maid,

To do my chores.

She’d do the laundry,

And mop the floors.


My mom and dad

Would never fight,

About the bills,

Every night.


But in the end,

It’s not that great,

If that were,

To be my fate.


All those people,

Will go in the end,

And I’ll be without,

Any true friends.


They’ll leave,

When my hard times set in,

But when they want something,

They’ll come back again.


This is why,

As you can see,

All that money’s,

Just not for me.


I think I’ll stick,

To what I’ve got,

Because right now,

I’ve got a lot.


Ashley--AGE 13

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