If I Had A Million Dollars

"Attention all contestants! If the number in your
envelope matches the number on my paper, you will be
the winner of one million dollars…"
Wow, I thought, if I had a million dollars I would -
save up for college for my sister and me, I would also
buy all of our school supplies. Also I would pay for
our braces.
Then the best part would come; I would start to spend
money on things that I would really want. First, I
would go on an Alaskan Cruise and a trip to Hawaii,
all in one. Next, I would go on many animal adventures
(sort of like Jack Hanna). I'd get all the newest
video game systems - like playstation, nintendo 64,
and sega dreamcast, and computer games. I would get
pro baseball players - like Steve Finley, Ken Griffey
Jr. to help me with my game; I would build a batting
cage in my back yard with three different speeds, -
50, 65 and 75. And, don't forget, I would buy a new
skateboard, and new mountain bikes for my family. And
a stunt bike for myself. Then I would build a
half-pipe, and grinding pole. After that I would get
instructors- like Tony Hawk, or Andrew Reynolds (I
wish) to teach me how to skateboard and do tricks with
skateboards like they do, and I would get someone
experienced to help me with my bike tricks.
But, that's if I had a million dollars (but for all
that I want, I might need about 10 million or maybe
even more!), right now I can only dream about all the
wonderful thing I would do with a million bucks in my
hand, and hope that the lucky number is the one in my
"And the lucky winner is…"


Olen--AGE 10

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