If I Had A Million Dollars


If I had a million dollars, I would purchase some land and build a complex consisting of an information center, community center, orchard, and farm.

First I would have an information center at the entrance. It would have many brochures, maps, and coupons for attractions nearby. There would also be a small gift shop that would support it. A small sandwich bar will also be close.

Not too far away, there would be a community center. The community center would have two tennis courts, a soccer field, a garden, and a building that would house classrooms, a cafeteria/soup kitchen, and a library. The garden will be divided into smaller patches for people to rent to garden. The money will go to the community center. But if homeless people wanted a patch, they could get it free along with seeds and some other supplies. That way, they can support themselves for a little while. The inside building would offer classes in various subjects like horticulture, art, language, et cetera. The classes will be either free or for a low cost, just enough to pay for the teacher and supplies. In addition, there will be festivals and fund raising activities for the community center or another organization.

Next to the community center will be an orchard. This would include apple trees, other fruit trees, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. There would be a booth in the front selling already picked fruit, jam, and other products. They would also count and charge money for the fruit visitors picked to take home. Most of the money would go into maintenance. In the fall, there would be a big festival in which all the leftover fruit is picked. There would be games and samples of jam and preserved fruit.

Close by would be the farm. The farm would include a barn and a field. The field would have vegetables like corn, pumpkins, beans, tomatoes, and more. Volunteers and some additional workers would tend them. The barn would have animals like chickens, goats, horses, cows, and sheep. Their produce would be partly sold, and partly donated to the community center's soup kitchen. The horses would be for rent to ride.

The whole complex would largely self-supporting. Any extra money would go to charities. It would also be a good place for educational programs and school field trips.

Sasha--AGE ??


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