There was once an old shoemaker and his wife who believed they had the most happiest life they cold ever imagine.

Every day the old shoe maker would make his shoes and the children from the town would come in to his work shop and listen to him as he whistled his happy songs and told his happy stories.

Not far from the shoe makers work shop there lived a rich man who lived in a big dark mansion.

He was not married and he was always alone.

Every evening the old shoemaker would walk home and whistle his merry song.

To get to his little cottage he had to walk past the big mansion and wonder.

He would wonder how it was to be rich.

One day as he was walking home whistling his merry song he decided he would pop in and say hello to the lonely rich man.

He opened the big gate and walked up the shiny marble stairs.


He knocked on the big wooden door and it was answered by a man in a black tuxedo.

"Yes?"he said in a gloomy voice.

"Hello there. My name is Charlie.

I work as the local cobler. Please to meet you."

"Oh," he said again in a gloomy voice,"I guess you want to come in then?"

"I was only dropping by to introduce myself thats all,"replied the shoe maker.

"Come on then," said the man.

After a while the rich man and the cobler started talking.

When it was time to go the man gave the shoe maker a bag of gold.

"Thankyou," said the man.

Then the shoe maker went home.

He counted all his money and he realized he had 1million dollars.

He became very moved and tryed his best to look after his bag of gold.

He would hide it under his pillow so no-one would steal it and because it was so uncomfortable he got no sleep and became very grumpy for five days.

His wife became very sad that her husband was turning in to an old grumpy soul.

He would nolonger whistle his merry songs or tell his happy stories and the local children no longer came to his work shop.

Finally on the fifth day he realized that he was being grumpy and making life miserable for every one else.

He took his million dollars back to the lonely rich man.

"I am sorry but I can't take your money."

He became once again a very happy soul and gradully the children came back to listen to his merry songs and his happy stories."

If I had a million dollars I would try to make peoples lives happy.



Bethanie--AGE ??

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