If I Had A Million Dollars


    Having a million dollars would be a great excitement. I mean can you ever believe it, having 1,000,000 bucks in your sweaty and excited hand? I would be startled for a moment and give my self a pinch with my free hand just to make sure this isn’t a dream (ouch!).  I would then notice that I have a choice of how I should spend it. I would first place 4,000 dollars in my college account in order to get a wonderful job in the future. My plans aren’t set yet on what that job might be, either a writer for a newspaper, maybe a doctor, or a veterinarian. Even you must agree it’s hard for you to plan your job. Anyway, about 5,500 shall go to charity, hospitals, and countries that are low on food and material because they need it more than I do. The rest of my money will be given to my family so they can also have a bit of joy. I’m not a greedy person and that is why I choose to give my money to people. I can’t stand the fact that children are dying because of food and I want to help so instead of .75 a day I would have given money to them as well as people that are sick. I have a disease and I would like to give money to other children who of my disease so I can organize a group or even help them get things for the disease they can’t afford. Giving is much better than receiving and my body would race and I would feel as a volcano exploding with happiness when I see the joy on every ones faces.

Melinda--AGE 11

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