Holly The Million Air

By: Stephanie Age 8

One day a girl named Holly went to her mom and she
said when I grow up I want to be a million air! How are you going to get a million dollars? I will be a lawyer. Lawyers don't get paid a million dollars. Yea but I will
save up my money.

Oh you will. But Holly you will have to buy food clothing and a house. I will save ten of my checks then I will buy all of that. Ok Holly.

Holly grew up and she was a lawyer she saved up more than ten checks she saved them all. She still lives with her mother.

She does not have to buy anything because her mom bought her a limousine with a driver and he buy the gas.

Her mom gives her money to buy thing. By now she is a million air. So now she buy's every thing and she is only 29.

She now is retired and she lives with her mom. She is still a young lady she is She is on TV and she is on who wants to marry a million air? She married a cute guy named Harry.

Holly and Harry got married and they had children together. Know they are 30 years old and they have 10 children and they are very happy they are so happy they went out to celebrate with there ten children.

They went to the barbers shop and they all got a good hair cut. Then Holly and Harry got in a big fight and got divorced and know Harry has 5 children and Holly has 5 children. 3 girls and 2 boys. Same with Harry.

Then Holly found a new boy friend they got married and they lived together till 33 and they got in a fight. They tried to work it out but he would not

listen to her. So they got divorced. Then Holly died because she was heart broken and she could not find a lover. Then her oldest child Kristy got older. She had to have her mothers money.

so she was a million air she was on who wants to marry a million air and she found a boy friend. His name is James. He is a million air too so that would be a lot of money.

Then they both turned 22 and they got divorced because of he was mean to Kristy.

Then Kristy found a boy named Michael and they got married and they had 10 children but they got in a major fight

and they got divorced. Kristy had a stroke and she died.


That is the story of Holly the million air

Stephanie--AGE 8

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