The Alphabet for the Animals

by Alex, age 12

A is for the alligators
they give such a SCARE!
B is for the baboons
boy, do they have a lot of hair!
C is for the cats
such precious creatures
D is for the dogs
oh so many features!
E is for the elephant
gigantic in its size
H is for the hippo
HUGE! in it's size
I is for iguanas
sticking out their tongue
J is for the jaguars
killing them is wrong!
K is for the koalas
so cute and furry
L is for the Leopards
oh how fast they can scurry!
M is for the Monkeys
such crazy fun!
N is for the Narwhal
swimming in the sun
O is for the octopus
lurking in the water
P is for the parrot
perfect for a daughter!                                       <------that one is for me
Q is for Quail
oh such a beauty
R is for the Rhino
Not a real cutie
S is for the snake
Don't kick him out the door!
T is for a Tiger
such a large roar
U is for Unicorn
Flying the  sky, oh how it soars
V is for the VIPER!
slithers out its tongue
W is for the Whale
I love their midnight song
X is for the x-ray fish
how mysterious they are
Y is for the Yak
to see them,stay afar
Z is for the Zebra
Those stripes really stand out!
This poem is over and I would like to shout

" Don't kill our animals!"

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