Adventure in Rayngo

By Ingrid J, 10

“No way!” Tracy stopped dead in her tracks. “You have a baby brother? Why didn’t you tell me nine months ago?”
“I wanted it to be a surprise, okay? It would’ve been a lot cooler, I mean, than looking forward to it.” Kelsey said. “Now let’s move, I’m really hungry. And this bagel-shop is the best.”
“Yeah, let’s go.” Andrea agreed. “President’s orders.”
Andrea was the president of a club the three friends made up called The  Groovy Girls, so she got almost anything.
The three friends went up to the counter and each of them ordered their bagels and cream cheese.
“You’re total comes to four ninety-five.” A girl with a nametag marked “Lisa” said.
Tracy looked at Andrea’s long black hair and looked back at her muddy brown hair. She looked at Kelsey’s blond hair and looked back at her hair, again. It didn’t seem fair that her best friends were pretty and she wasn’t.
They sat down at a table and started to talk.
“So, what’s you’re brother’s name?” Tracy asked Kelsey.
“Jimmy. He was named after my uncle.”
Andrea was about to make a comment, when they all heard a crash.
Andrea and Tracy turned to look while Kelsey stared at her bagel.
There was a huge hole in the middle of the floor where Lisa had been  standing. Everything was silent, and there was nothing to be seen below.
“Okay, everybody.” The manager turned to talk to the people at the bagel-shop. “Everything is fine. But, unfortunately, we need everyone here to leave. Thank you for you’re time.”
“Darn!” Kelsey exclaimed. “This was a really good bagel, too!”
“Bring it with!” Tracy told Kelsey. “Why do they let have something  called ‘carry out?’”
When the three girls got into the corner of the bagel-shop, a smile appeared on Andrea’s face and her eyes lit up.  “Guys, I have a great idea!” Andrea cried. “If we can, without anyone noticing, we can sneak behind the counter and investigate.”
“They’ll find out for sure,” Tracy said. “Then we’ll be done for.”
“Yeah,” Kelsey agreed. “We really can’t. We’ll get into big trouble!”
Kelsey put her hands on her hips to prove her point. “Besides, what’s so cool about it, anyway?”
“Cool? Are you kidding? This will be so cool!” Andrea’s smile turned to a frown when she saw her friends’ expression. “Besides,” Andrea continued. “I am the president of The Groovy Girls.”
“Well, I guess. What about you, Tracy?”
“Maybe,” Tracy looked around thoughtfully. “I guess we could. If nobody  sees us.” Tracy enphisised sees like it was very important.
At that time, everyone in The Groovy Girls thought the same thing: “Let’s go before we get in trouble!”
Andrea went up to the door of the bagel-shop, tried to and said, “Guy’s it’s locked.”
Kelsey frowned.
“Quick!” Tracy whispered. “Somebody’s going out! Get in, and they’ll be  locked out. Try not to get noticed!
A man was walking out of the building-it was the manager! He was murmuring something about Lisa.
When the three girls got into the bagel-shop, they hid under the table  “just to be safe.”
“Is anyone there?” Kelsey asked Tracy and Andrea. “Or are we all alone right now? Just wondering.”
Andrea looked around. “We’re the only people here right now, that’s for sure.”
“Are you sure?” Tracy asked. “I think I see something behind the counter.  Like a shadowy figure. And I think he’s heading right for us.” Tracy turned pale along with Kelsey and Andrea.
“I think…” Kelsey’s voice trailed off into the darkness of the bagel-shop. An ordinary day in New York had turned into a nightmare.
As the shadowy figure moved closer to the girls, they could see his features.  The figure wasn’t really scary, it was just eerie. It was wearing a black cloak, with a hood darker than night. Because of this hood, the three girls, trembling with fear, couldn’t see (or want to see) his face.  He seemed to murmur a few words, and then, after a long crashing sound the girls couldn’t find out where they were.
It was a place with plenty of light and color. It had a pale blue sky, with only a few clouds, and a royal blue lake. It’s sun was bright and there were rose bushes along the sides of the lake.
“Where are we?” Andrea whispered her words as though they were quite important.
“You are in Rayngo, have you never been here?”
The three girls turned around to see a beautiful lady. More like Glinda  the Witch of the South than anyone else. She was wearing a long silver dress and was holding, not a wand, but, a mask.
A mask. A mask of an animal. A mask of a cat. A mask of a leopard.
“A leopard,” Kelsey whispered. “A leopard?” She looked at the woman and  started to talk at her normal volume. “Why a leopard?”
“What’s the matter, child?” the woman asked, soothingly. “Don’t you like the leopard? The leopard is a wonderful creation, indeed. Quite extraordinary and quite marvelous, don’t you think?”
“I-I-I, well, I,” Kelsey couldn’t think of the right word. So she shouted out the easiest and most understandable way to put it. “I’M ALLERGIC TO CATS!”
The woman began to laugh. “And so you are,” she said. “Would you like to go back home, child?”
“I would not!” Tracy and Andrea shouted in unison.
The woman laughed again. “I shall give you the key.” The three girls  stared. “The key to Rayngo,” she continued. “The key shall give you access to Rayngo even when you are in that world of yours. And then you will meet Unicorna.”
“Uni-“ Tracy couldn’t finish her sentence. The three girls were standing on the corner of fifth street, where they had begun.
Andrea discovered that she had the key to Rayngo.
When they had gone to Rayngo for the second time, they met Unicorna, who  was not, as they expected, a unicorn, but a creature black as the shadowy figure they had seen in the bagel-shop.
Unicorna led them through Rayngo where soon, after the death of Queen Hilra, they were made queens.

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